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Coffee Table Books

I recently did a poll on my Instagram stories asking if y'all wanted to know what some of my favorite coffee table books are. Turns out, you do! :) I have a slight obsession with books in general, which means I have stacks of them throughout my house. Just like everything else in your home the coffee table books you purchase should be a reflection of you and your interests. So if art is your thing, buy up on the art books! If you love entertaining, fill your tables with books on the subject. I happen to have lots of design books because that's obviously my passion. All of this to say, my suggestion is don't buy a book just because of its pretty cover. Buy something that you would want to sit and flip through.

Below I've listed some of my picks along with links so you can purchase them for yourselves if you would like!

Books on Decorating:

Books on Entertaining:

Books with Beautiful Pictures:

2. Escape

Books of Interest:

Books on Fashion and Beauty:

Books on Art:

5. Rothko

As an aside, I tagged the authors of each of these books in my latest Instagram post. They're all great people to follow! (

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